EuroScitizen 2020 Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) call is now open

EuroScitizen 2020 Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) call is now open

We are happy to announce that our Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) call is now open. 

EuroScitizen COST Action invites you to take this chance to build your network and enhance your scientific skills through collaborations.

Please see the below information for the details of the call.

This call is open for all WGs.

Those who interested in WG1 and WG3, see the potential topics below.


  • WG1 collected a huge dataset for deliverable 3 (academic paper on pilot study on acceptance and understanding of evolution across Europe). This dataset enables several follow-up analyses and publications with divers foci. The STSM shall serve to plan these further analyses and publications and already begin to work on one of these publications.
  • WG1 collected a huge dataset for deliverable 3 (academic paper on pilot study on acceptance and understanding of evolution across Europe) and will publish the ready-to-use protocols as deliverable 2 in summer 2020. This dataset and the collection of methods build the grounds for follow-up surveys and publications with divers foci, especially regarding the acceptance and knowledge about evolution of the general public. The STSM shall serve to start planning a further study, search funding possibilities, and start to write a draft for a funding proposal.


  • WG3 is currently drafting a publication on a set of best practices for creating/revising museum exhibitions, and other forms of non-formal outreach activities. The STSM is envisioned as work on helping finishing up the drafted publication and preparing the final version to be sent for a peer-review within our Action.
  • WG3 is currently organizing work towards constructing assessment tool(s) for diverse informal activities dealing with the subject of evolution. The STSM is envisioned as work on creating and pilot testing assessment tool(s).

Duration of the STSMs

The duration of the STSMs is minimum of 5 days and maximum of 90 days. According to COST rules and regulations, ECIs (=Early Career Investigators) may apply for a maximum of 180 days

The STSM has to take place until 31 December 2020

Deadline for applications

15 August 2020


Funding for travel, accommodation, and meal expenses up to total  EUR 1,800 (see COST Vademecum for details of eligibility rules)

Who can apply?

Everyone with an official affiliation and strong motivation on promoting science

Everyone who is a EuroScitizen member (see here on how to become one)

PhD students and ECIs are particularly encouraged to apply, but every EuroScitizen member can get an STSM.

Applicants should take into consideration that:

Applicants should be EuroScitizen members. Please see here on how to join.

The host institution has to be a participating COST Country Institution (or an approved NNC (=Near Neighbor Countries) institution, or an approved IPC (=International Partner Country) institution, or an approved EC/EU Agency, or an approved RTD (=Research & Technological Development) Institution, or an approved International Organisation)

The selected participants will  granted with:

Up to a maximum of EUR 160 per day can be afforded for accommodation and meal expenses. (COST Vademecum )

Up to a maximum of EUR 300 can be afforded for travel costs.(COST Vademecum)

The reimbursement will be get when the scientific report of the STSM is approved by the STSM committee.

Note that only the STSMs applicants are reimbursed, not the host institution

How to apply?

1. You have to find an STSM host (see above for conditions about host institutions), someone you would be willing to collaborate with. Either you already know the person you would like to collaborate with or to find one you can start by browsing here the list of EuroScitizen Management Committee members.

2. Contact the potential STSM host to inquire about the possibility of an STSM and discuss and elaborate a plan for the STSM (duration, length, topic, working plan, timetable: those things will be asked in the application form on eCOST)

3. Go to your eCOST and apply for an STSM (you can find here online registration step by step)


The applications will be evaluated by the STSM committee based on the MC approved criteria. The successful applicant will be notified by the STSM coordinator and the COST.

After the visit

Following the end of the STSM (within 30 calendar days), the applicant who successfully completed it must submit a scientific report (available to download on the eCOST application page) with the host approval.

For further information and support do not hesitate to contact our STSM coordinator Özgül YAHYAOĞLU (