EuroScitizen Sustainability meeting in Aveiro, Portugal

Looking forward to finally meeting other EuroScitizen members face to face (or on-line) and discussing the sustainability of our Action? 

We are happy to announce the sustainability meeting that will take place in Aveiro, Portugal, from the 20th-22 June 2022 (starting at 9:30AM on the Monday and closing at 12:30PM on the Wednesday).

This meeting is the last large meeting of EuroScitizen and it is aimed at developing strategies to improve the sustainability of the EuroScitizen network, research lines and products. Participants in this meeting will collaboratively work to:

  1. ensure future funding for the network
  2. ensure future projects from the network
  3. foster PhD international supervision
  4. promote the recognition of EvoKE as the primary organization ensuring EuroScitizen’s sustainability
  5. disseminate the produced materials.


Selected members of EuroScitizen network will be able to attend this meeting for free with travels, stay and meals’ costs reimbursed by COST (within the limits of CA17127 COST rules).


  1. Past level of involvement of the participant in EuroScitizen => 0.3
  2. Proposal to ensure EuroScitizen sustainability  => 0.4
  3. Time available to ensure EuroScitizen sustainability in the future => 0.15
  4. Balance (gender, career stage, country, participation of distinct institutions) => 0.15


To apply: fill in the form here by 6th May 2022

Preliminary Program
How to arrive
Organising team

Looking forward to seeing you in Aveiro!