WG2 Formal education

Xana Sá Pinto
Xana Sá Pinto

WG Leader


Evangelia Mavrikaki
Evangelia Mavrikaki

WG Vice-Leader
National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Primary Education


This Working Group will identify the needs and opportunities to improve the contribution of formal education to european public scientific literacy on evolution. This includes analysing the curricula and textbooks and developing, evaluating and disseminating effective educational practices and teacher training actions

Working Group 2 Main Tasks:

  • Examining the schools’ curricula from the participating countries to identify the needs and opportunities to teach evolution since the first school years in distinct countries;
  • Gather data regarding teachers’ CK,PC, attitudes and beliefs about teaching evolution
  • Study how evolution is presented in school textbooks.
  • Identify, evaluate and disseminate effective methodologies and strategies used to empower teachers to teach about evolution.

For more information and how to join this Working Group please WG leaders.

Formal Education has several dimensions and WG2 is working around these in distinct projects that are led by distinct project leaders. Know more about our project and WG2 project leaders below.

Publications of WG2

Deliverable 1

Sá-Pinto, Xana; Realdon, G.; Torkar G.; Sousa B.; Georgiou M.; Jeffries A.; Korfiatis K.; Paolucci, S., Pessoa, P., Rocha, J.,  Stasinakis, P.K., Cavadas, B., Crottini, A., Gnidovec, T., Nogueira, T., Papadopoulou, P., Piccoli, C., Barstad, J., Dufour, H.D., Pejchinovska, M., Pobric, A., Cvetković, D., Mavrikaki, E. “Development and validation of a Framework for the Assessment of school Curricula on the presence of Evolutionary concepts (FACE).”. Evolution: Education and Outreach 14 3 (2021): https://doi.org/10.1186/s12052-021-00142-2.

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Project one: Curricula analysis

People from WG2 have published a paper in Evolution: Education and Outreach describing the development and validation of FACE (Framework for the Assessment of school Curricula on the presence of Evolutionary concepts). FACE is currently being used to analyze European countries’ curricula of compulsory education.

People leading this deliverable:

Evangelia Mavrikaki
National & Kapodistrian University of Athens,
Faculty of Primary Education,



Giulia Realdon 

UNICAMearth Group,
Geology Section, University of Camerino,


Project 2: Elementary school students’ evolution understanding evaluation

Let’s study what elementary school students can learn about evolution, what are their main challenges and how we can best support their learning about this topic. At the moment we are developing evaluation instruments and we would like to translate these into distinct languages and apply and validate these in distinct countries.

People leading this deliverable:

Xana Sá Pinto



Lucía Vázquez Ben
IECM Group, University of A Coruña



Project 3: Teachers’ PCK

Description: Developing methodologies to evaluate (or learn about) teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) on evolution. There will be a call in January to start this group in February. 

People leading this deliverable:

Rianne Pinxten
Antwerp School of Education, Behavioural Ecology & Ecophysiology group,
University of Antwerp,


Martin Scheuch
University College for Agricultural and Environmental Education,
Vienna, Austria



Project 4: Book analysis

Description: Analysis of European textbooks regarding the presence of learning goals targeting evolutionary concepts.

People leading this deliverable:

Duur Aanen
Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Wageningen University,
The Netherlands


Constantinos Korfiatis
Associate professor of Environmental Education,
Dept. of Educuation, University of Cyprus,


Project 5: Teacher training actions

Description: Evaluate and disseminate effective methodologies and strategies to empower pre service or inservice teachers to teach about evolution.

People leading this deliverable:

Bento Cavadas
Polytechnic Institute of Santarém/School of Education



Kristin Jenkins
BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

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