WG5 Scientists

This working group is focusing on ensuring efficient researchers’ engagement in outreach, in evolution but not only. The WG aims to provide a sound understanding of current practices involving researchers’ engagement in scientific outreach, to increase awareness about the benefits for both researchers and the general public from their interactions and to promote efficient interactions.

Main tasks of Working Group 5

  1. To undertake a systematic review of the ways in which researchers can be involved in outreach and develop a set of good practices that improve science and evolution literacy
  2. To provide a Europe-wide assessment view of motivations and barriers for researchers to get involved in public engagement activities. The link for the survey will be available soon. You will then be able to distribute it widely around your research communities. The data will then be analysed and published in a scientific journal, and serve as a basis for a white paper.
  3. Development of standardised tools to enhance researcher engagement in outreach.
  4. Develop material to enhance researcher engagement in outreach. The SciComm4all project  is designed to provide scientists from all fields  with tips and tricks to help them improve their science communication and public engagement. It is composed of 11 modules, each module composed of a video, complemented by additional resources (scientific articles, blogs, advice on scientific communication) and a self assessment tool. Coming soon!

For more information and to join this Working Group please contact:

Dr Héloïse Dufour
Dr Héloïse Dufour

WG Leader
Cercle FSER, France


Susana Ambrósio
Susana Ambrósio

WG Vice-Leader

Researcher in Science Communication in Education CIDTFF - University of Aveiro


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