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European first-year university students accept evolution but lack substantial knowledge about it: a standardized European cross-country assessment

Investigations of evolution knowledge and acceptance and their relation are central to evolution education research. However, comprehensive and standardized comparisons across European countries, with their varying cultural backgrounds and education systems, were missing so far. Based on a standardized European survey with 9,200 first-year university students […]

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The Evolution Education Questionnaire – Method report on measuring evolution acceptance and knowledge in Europe

The lack of standardised assessment of evolutionary knowledge and acceptance of evolution across Europe makes comparisons between studies difficult. The aim of WG1 within EuroScitizen is to investigate these topics further through the use of large comparative cross-country studies. As a groundwork for this research, WG1 performed […]

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Exploratory study of evolution-themed, non-formal education in Europe

Adnađević, Tanja; Milosevic, Tamara; Radovčić, Davorka

This exploratory study aims to describe the learning opportunities in evolution across Europe in non-formal contexts. To better understand the current situation as well as to describe the landscape in evolution-themed, lifelong learning in Europe, we in the […]

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