WG1 “Assessment” meeting description and evaluation scores

Join us, if you are interested in assessing understanding and acceptance of evolution across Europe! We are a team of already (+/-)30 people from several countries.

In Porto we will:

  1. Present the first results from our ongoing pilot study on understanding and acceptance of evolution in first-year university students.
  2. Adjust the used questionnaire and the procedures for conducting the survey, based on the results from the pilot study.
  3. Start redesigning/ adjusting the used questionnaire and/or developing/selecting additional questionnaires for examining understanding and acceptance and related factors across several other education levels (elementary and secondary education).

Applications for this WG meeting will be evaluated based on the following evaluation criteria

Current or future level of involvement of the participant in the WG tasks Scientific/

Technical quality of contribution (CV)

Interest of the submitted contribution to WG and Action Goals (proposals) Balance

(gender, career stage, country, participation of distinct institutions)

WG1 0.4 0.1 0.3 0.2

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