The Evolution Education Questionnaire – Method report on measuring evolution acceptance and knowledge in Europe

The lack of standardised assessment of evolutionary knowledge and acceptance of evolution across Europe makes comparisons between studies difficult. The aim of WG1 within EuroScitizen is to investigate these topics further through the use of large comparative cross-country studies. As a groundwork for this research, WG1 performed a systematic literature review on the state of measuring acceptance of evolution as well as knowledge about evolution in European countries (Deliverable 1: Kuschmierz et al., 2020).

The Evolution Education Questionnaire on Acceptance and Knowledge (EEQ) was constructed by WG1 to measure attitudes and understanding across Europe and beyond. We aimed to compile a brief instrument to allow for easy application in school and university. The target group of the EEQ is freshman university students who had just finished their secondary education. However, several components of the questionnaire were developed and validated for additional target groups. Therefore, this questionnaire may, in addition, be suitable for students in secondary school, in-service teachers as well as the general public.

This method report describes the contents and application of the EEQ and provides information on survey conduction, data preparation, analyses and interpretation of results to serve as a standardised and ready-to-use protocol to measure the acceptance of and knowledge about evolution in a local, national or international context. To allow for sampling in different European countries, we present the EEQ in 23 European languages.

This method report was now published open access:



Beniermann, A., Kuschmierz, P., Pinxten, R. Aivelo, T., Bohlin, G., Brennecke, J. S., Cebesoy, U. B., Cvetković, D., Đorđević, M., Dvořáková, R. M., Futo, M., Geamana, N., Korfiatis, Κ., Lendvai, A., Mogias, A., Paolucci, S., Petersson, M., Pietrzak, B, Porozovs, J., Realdon, G., Savković, U., Sofonea, M. T., Šorgo, A., Stermin, A. N., Torkar, G., Uitto, A., Vázquez-Ben, L., & Graf, D. (2021, February 22). Evolution Education Questionnaire on Acceptance and Knowledge (EEQ) – Standardised and ready-to-use protocols to measure acceptance of evolution and knowledge about evolution in an international context. Zenodo.