SciComm4All: A video based self-training program in science communication for researchers

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As a scientist, it is more than likely that you have already had the opportunity to discuss your field of research with non-specialists, either while doing science communication activities, or during a casual chat with friends or relatives. Perhaps you have already met a difficult audience, or you have had doubts about the best way to engage people with your research.


And that’s perfectly normal! Entering in a meaningful dialoguetransmitting and exchanging ideas and adapting your presentation to your audience are not skills that can be taken for granted. They need to be learned and practised. SciComm4all will give you some ideas and cues to improve your communication skills and be more comfortable and persuasive when discussing your research.


SciComm4all offers researchers short, self-guided learning modules composed of videos, additional resources (scientific articles, blogs, guidelines and toolkits…) and a self-assessment tool that will help you get familiar with the most important concepts in science communication.


SciComm4all aims to disseminate these self-training modules widely. By giving tools and methods to our colleagues that will facilitate their science communication, we hope that our project will bring science and society closer together.


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