Workshop: Assessing evolution-themed non-formal learning activities

Organized by: WG1 and WG3

Anna Beniermann, Asimakis Talamagas, Despina Tsopoglou-Gkina, Johan Barstad and Tamara Milosevic


  • April 13th, 15:00-17:00 CET
  • April 14th, 15:00-17:00 CET
  • April 22nd, 16:00-17:00 CET

Workshop format:
hybrid, with pre-recorded lectures and reading and synchronous discussions and collaborative work

Maximum number of participants: 20

Deadline for applications: April 5th 2021 

Evaluation criteria for applicants: 

  • Past level of involvement of the participant in the WG tasks
  • Future level of involvement of the participant in the tasks
  • Type of profile/expertise in relation to the needs for this task to be completed
  • Gender balance, country, career stage of participants of distinct institutions

Workshop goals

This online workshop aims to develop a general assessment tool/framework to allow practitioners to evaluate the impact of their non-formal learning activities, including assessing the general quality of the activity and specific knowledge, attitudes and improving scientific literacy. 

Alignment with Euroscitizen goals

This workshop fulfills WG3 Task 3 to explore assessment strategies to evaluate evolution exhibits and other non formal learning activities, in collaboration with WG1. The workshop will be led by Anna Beniermann, leader of the WG1 (Assessment), and Asimakis Talamagas, leader of WG3 Deliverable 3 (Report of pilot study of assessment of evolution exhibits and activities in informal environments).

The workshop also tackles the work of other WGs, most notably the WG5 Deliverable 2, the assessment toolkit for science outreach events. 

Workshop topics

  • Introduction to assessment and instrument design
  • Existing instruments on evolution acceptance and knowledge
  • Existing assessments in informal learning environments
  • Determining research objectives for assessment instruments
  • Drafting assessment instruments for a set of non-formal learning activities