Coronavirus eBook

This book aims to assemble and disseminate information about the origin, evolution, and pathogenesis of animal and human coronaviruses in a simple and accessible way, and through this clarify readers’ doubts and fears as well as the rationale underlying transmission prevention actions. The main text of the manuscript is accompanied by two types of additional information for optional consultation; more in-depth information about some of the mentioned concepts (know more) and a set of questions & answers, providing the reader with the opportunity to clarify doubts relating to the content of each section. For the preparation of this book, we counted on the collaboration of technicians, researchers, and academics in the areas of microbiology, epidemiology, animal health, and public health. During the production and editing process, a board game and cards (Beat Corona) were also produced. These further explored some of the concepts mentioned in this book, including behaviors related to life in society and their implications in the transmission of diseases caused by coronaviruses, including COVID-19. This game can be used as a pedagogical resource in the classroom context, or as a mere leisure and learning activity


Target audience: General public, teachers, and students
Languages: EN, FR, IT, ES, DE, PT, SRB
Format: eBook

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