Antwerp 2022 - Working Group 1 Meeting (WG1)

Dear members,

We are happy to announce the Working Group Meeting of WG1 at the University of Antwerp, in Antwerp, Belgium.

This meeting will take place in Antwerp from June 2nd 09.00h to June 3th 13.00h 2022 at the Stadscampus (city campus) of the University of Antwerp, situated close to the Central Station.

This meeting is the last meeting of Working Group 1 (“Assessment of attitudes towards evolution and knowledge about evolution across Europe”):

It will bring together participants of Working Group 1 to work on the finalization of the group’s outcomes and its sustainability. In Antwerp, we will specifically discuss the further use of the collected data set, analyses, publication policies, and sustainability in the future. Stay tuned for a more detailed program.

Selected members of WG1 in the EuroScitizen network will be able to attend this meeting for free with travels, stay and meals’ costs reimbursed by COST (within the limits of CA17127 COST rules).


  • Current or past level of involvement of the participant in the WG tasks => 0.4
  • Scientific/Technical quality of contribution (CV) => 0.1
  • Interest of the submitted contribution to WG and Action Goals (proposals) => 0.3
  • Balance (gender, career stage, country, participation of distinct institutions) => 0.2

To apply: fill in the form here by April 25th 2022

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Anna & Rianne