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Tailor made resources

This set of infographics contains all the resources produced within Euroscitizen, organized according to 4 target audiences:

– I am a TEACHER and I want to…
– I am a RESEARCHER and I want to…
– I am a POLICY MAKER and I want to…

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In this free online course we are showing research initiatives as examples of how to enact Responsible Research Innovation (RRI) in Europe. You, as a course participant, will be empowered to enact RRI in your own research.

Enacting RRI in EUROPE is organized into two modules and a […]

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Book: Learning evolution through socioscientific issues

School Teachers: Find educational resources to explore socioscientific issues at the light of evolution designed to impact students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

EuroScitizen and EvoKE offer you the ebook “Learning evolution through socioscientific issues”. Produced by professionals from 15 different countries, this book provides you 6 […]

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SciComm & Outreach Project Designer and Assessment Toolkit

Project leader: Roberto Torres

This tool consists of structured guidelines for scientists to start, develop and evaluate outreach activities of their ongoing and particular research. A process of self-evaluation, in order to identify the motivations, targets, and specific (short and long-term) goals. This process would help […]

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Naples, 22nd and 23rd October 2022 EuroScitizen WG2 meeting: The importance of Socioscientific Issues and Evolution for Education for Sustainability

Join us in the beautiful city of Naples and be one of the participants of the EuroScitizen WG2 meeting on the links between evolution and Socioscientific Issues (SSI) and how these can be explored to promote education for sustainability.

By attending you will:

+ learn from other […]

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Promoting scientific literacy in evolution through citizen science

Contributor: Tania Jenkins

We are very happy to share the news of the publication of our paper, “Promoting Scientific literacy in evolution through citizen science”, recently published open access in the Proceedings of the Royal Society- Series B. 

Despite the central importance of evolution for understanding […]

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European first-year university students accept evolution but lack substantial knowledge about it: a standardized European cross-country assessment

Investigations of evolution knowledge and acceptance and their relation are central to evolution education research. However, comprehensive and standardized comparisons across European countries, with their varying cultural backgrounds and education systems, were missing so far. Based on a standardized European survey with 9,200 first-year university students […]

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Meeting in Antwerp: Ensuring sustainability of WG1

On June 2 – 3, 2022, WG1 had its final meeting in Antwerp, Belgium. Eleven EuroScitizen members from 10 countries participated. 

The meeting was focused on defining strategies to ensure the sustainability of WG1 results and its research line. For that we discussed the three sustainability dimensions […]

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This ebook explains the basics needed to understand the flu virus and its evolution. It is accompanied by a printable board game (AN EVOLVING VIRUS) that aims to promote an understanding of the evolution of the influenza virus genome through the redistribution of its genomic segments and genetic […]

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Web documentary series “Portraits of Euroscitizens”

EuroScitizen is an EU-funded COST Action. This research network aims to identify targeted strategies that will raise levels of scientific literacy in Europe using evolution as an example. In order to boost responsible citizenship, Euroscitizen is promoting scientific literacy, the ability to critically evaluate, apply and understand […]

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Call opening for STSMs, Virtual Networking, Dissemination and ITC grants.

The following networking opportunities are available in the final grant period of the COST Action:

2 Dissemination Grants: Eligible participants are Action MC members or Action MC substitutes from Participating COST Full Members / COST Cooperating Members. For further information visit:

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Public workshop: Assessment decoded.

For educators, science communicators and non-formal activity creators

Organised by: WG3 Non-formal education group of the Euroscitizen COST action
Joelyn de Lima, Bojan Kenig, Tamara Milosevic, Uroš Savkovic, Despina Tsopoglou-Gkina

Date of the workshop: May 31st 2022 16:00 […]

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EuroScitizen Sustainability meeting in Aveiro, Portugal

Looking forward to finally meeting other EuroScitizen members face to face (or on-line) and discussing the sustainability of our Action? 

We are happy to announce the sustainability meeting that will take place in Aveiro, Portugal, from the 20th-22 June 2022 (starting at 9 […]

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“Evolution decoded”, Public workshop for educators, science communicators and artists

Organized by: WG3 Non-formal education group of the Euroscitizen COST action
Joelyn de Lima, Bojan Kenig, Tamara Milosevic, Uros Savkovic, Despina Tsopoglou-Gkina

Date of the workshop: April 28th 2022 16:00 to 18:00 CET

Workshop format: Online 

Workshop […]

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Antwerp 2022 – Working Group 1 Meeting (WG1)

Dear members,

We are happy to announce the Working Group Meeting of WG1 at the University of Antwerp, in Antwerp, Belgium.

This meeting will take place in Antwerp from June 2nd 09.00h to June 3th 13.00h […]

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Adaptation by natural selection interactive simulator

This educational tool allows exploring the concepts related to evolution, adaptation, and diversity, among others through a simulator that can be used in both formal and non-formal education contexts.  This tool also incorporates the evaluation instrument to measure the impacts of this and other educational approaches in […]

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Material for workshop on assessments of non-formal activities

This video has been prepared by Dr. Anna Beniermann (Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Germany) as an introduction to the design of questionnaires to collect quantitative data. Starting with general questions on which steps to take when planning a survey like formulating aims and research questions, the video gives […]

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Coronavirus eBook

This book aims to assemble and disseminate information about the origin, evolution, and pathogenesis of animal and human coronaviruses in a simple and accessible way, and through this clarify readers’ doubts and fears as well as the rationale underlying transmission prevention actions. The main text of the manuscript […]

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Dissemination Meeting Grants applications – Deadline extension


If you feel enthusiastic about the opportunity of presenting our action in a congress or meeting of your interest, and you consider it would benefit the interests and objectives of the EuroScitizen COST Action, and increase the visibility of our network, we strongly encourage you to send […]

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E-book Learning evolution through socioscientific issues: Call for chapters

Do you think knowledge about evolution is important to inform decisions and positions on socioscientific issues?

Do you have an educational activity that explores socioscientific issues from an evolutionary perspective which you would like to disseminate to teachers and other educators?

Submit the abstract (500 characters maximum) of […]

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Euroscitizen WG4 Science-Media Training Schools

Euroscitizen WG4 online media science-media training schools came to a close. Between June 2021 and October 2021, we organized 2 training schools covering different ways of communicating science to media channels.

The training schools had sessions on:

-Visual and written storytelling, by Gil Costa and Filipa Vala […]

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2021_cost_action_CA 17127_deliverable_GilCosta_FilipaVala (1)


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