SciComm & Outreach Project Designer and Assessment Toolkit

Project leader: Roberto Torres

This tool consists of structured guidelines for scientists to start, develop and evaluate outreach activities of their ongoing and particular research. A process of self-evaluation, in order to identify the motivations, targets, and specific (short and long-term) goals. This process would help scientists to find or look for the specific collaborators, the right timing, and the more effective communication channels, and in consequence, obtain better results and accurate ways and indicators to evaluate these results. This tool will allow scientists and science communicators to exchange expertise, resources, and points of view, and establish different scenarios, motivations, and obstacles that scientists would face in the outreach and promotion of their research and career. Oriented to encourage scientists to do outreach of their research. This resource is minded to expedite the processes and allow scientists to establish more realistic goals, develop more effective strategies, get better and more accurate results, and promote peer design, development, and evaluation.