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In this free online course we are showing research initiatives as examples of how to enact Responsible Research Innovation (RRI) in Europe. You, as a course participant, will be empowered to enact RRI in your own research.

Enacting RRI in EUROPE is organized into two modules and a […]

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SciComm4All: A video based self-training program in science communication for researchers

As a scientist, it is more than likely that you have already had the opportunity to discuss your field of research with non-specialists, either while doing science communication activities, or during a casual chat with friends or relatives. Perhaps you have already met […]

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Web documentary series “Portraits of Euroscitizens”

EuroScitizen is an EU-funded COST Action. This research network aims to identify targeted strategies that will raise levels of scientific literacy in Europe using evolution as an example. In order to boost responsible citizenship, Euroscitizen is promoting scientific literacy, the ability to critically evaluate, apply and understand […]

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Material for workshop on assessments of non-formal activities

This video has been prepared by Dr. Anna Beniermann (Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Germany) as an introduction to the design of questionnaires to collect quantitative data. Starting with general questions on which steps to take when planning a survey like formulating aims and research questions, the video gives […]

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