EuroScitizen Paris Working Groups (W2-WG5) meeting April 23-24 2019

The themes that will be worked on during those two days are:

  • WG5: ensuring researchers’ efficient engagement in outreach and in evolution in particular. Specifically, there will be groups working on:

    • a literature review and a survey on researchers’ engagement

    • ready to apply assessment toolkit for science outreach events

    • a repository platform for outreach activities (in the context of a best practice guide and recommendations for scientists’ engagement)

  • WG2: identifying and discussing the evaluation instruments that can be used to evaluate students’ evolution understanding since elementary schools up to 9th grade.

  • Inter WG collaborations between WG5 and WG2 and between those and the remaining WGS (WG1, WG3 and WG4).

A more detailed program:

Euroscitizen WG4_WG2Paris meeting Timetable

The meeting takes place at Amphitheater Rouelle,  47 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, Francia

How to arrive to the meeting place here