Who are we?

We are a network that includes over 196  members from 35 countries.
Our Action has a management committee that includes representatives from 35 countries.

The Action also has a Steering Committee that includes the following. In some cases, the Steering committee has been mandated by the Management Committee to take key decisions.

Members of the steering committee

(Contact information on COST association website > EuroScitizen section CA17127)

Chair – Tania Jenkins –

Vice-chair – Anna Beniermann –

Scientific representative of the grant holder institution – Eric Allan –

Grant holder institution – University of Bern

Dissemination officer – Roberto Torres

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) coordinator – Ozgul Yahyaoglu

Equal opportunities officer – Uros Savkovic (Nominated by the SC)

Inclusive Target Countries (ITC) Grants coordinator – Gregor Torkar

WG1 (assessment WG) leader – Anna Beniermann

WG1 vice-leader – Annie Pinxten

WG2 (formal education WG) leader – Xana Sá Pinto

WG2 vice-leader – Evangelia Mavrikaki

WG3 (informal education WG) leader  Tamara Milosevic

WG4 (media WG) leader – Szymek Drobniak

WG4 (media WG) Vice-leader – Rita Ponce

WG5 (scientists WG) leader – Heloise Dufour

WG5 vice-leader – Susana Ambrósio

WG6 (Citizen Science WG) leader – Tania Jenkins

WG6 vice-leader – Dule Misevic

For a full break-down of members of the Management Committee and substitutes by country, please consult the interactive map.