Call opening for STSMs, Virtual Networking, Dissemination and ITC grants.

The following networking opportunities are available in the final grant period of the COST Action:

2 Dissemination Grants: Eligible participants are Action MC members or Action MC substitutes from Participating COST Full Members / COST Cooperating Members. For further information visit:
Procedure for COST dissemination meeting grants.

2 ITC Conference Grants: a PhD student or an Early Career Investigator (ECI) affiliated with an institution located in an ITC country participating in the Action and submit an application request for an ITC Conference Grant. For more information see here and for questions please contact Gregor Torkar (gregor.torkar (at)

Short Term Scientific Mission and Virtual Networking Tools: please contact your WG leaders for details of what projects are available. 

Duration of stay could be up to 90 days (Early Carrer Researchers are eligible to apply for more than 90 days of stay). See the link for further details and specific provisions for applicants from ITC countries.

All applications are made through e-cost and will be evaluated according to the pre-defined MC- approved criteria.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until June 1st and are expected to be completed and submitted by August 31st.

If you have questions regarding grant selection in general please contact Ozgul ozgulyahyaoglu (at)