Dissemination strategy

EuroScitizen Dissemination Plan proposes a compendium of actions to address the different WGs needs, and promote their activities and results, in order to reach and have an effective impact in the different WGs specific and general targets.

In order to foster an efficient and wider impact across Europe, EuroScitizen dissemination strategy aims to promote an image of a transdisciplinary, inclusive and ambitious collaborative research network, working to increase scientific literacy in European society, in order to have citizens better equipped to face societal challenges through evidence-based and responsible decisions and policies. EuroScitizen dissemination strategy will promote the advantages and opportunities of involving different stakeholders from diverse expertise and geographical areas, and social realities.

EuroScitizen dissemination activities, will promote the relevance, implications, objectives and opportunities that EuroScitizen research, activities and resources, offer to scientific community, science communicators, media, teachers, educational and research authorities, informal educators, policy makers and social indicatives such as health and environmental organizations.

To improve and expedite EuroScitizen WGs’ interaction and collaborations with their targets, partners and stakeholders, and facilitate the distribution and dissemination of the WGs activities, objectives, and results, EuroScitizen dissemination team is working in a dissemination plan to identify and define the specific needs, targets and particularities of the different WGs, in order to propose specific actions and tailor-made strategies.

Dissemination Guidelines



Procedure for COST dissemination meeting grants

Dissemination Team

Roberto Torres
Roberto Torres

Team Leader

"La Ciència Al Teu Món" (Science in Your World!) SciComm Association (Barcelona, Spain)

Roberto has extended experience in advertising and marketing for prestigious agencies such as McCann Erickson, Lowe & Partners, and Saatchi & Saatchi, Awarded with a Golden EFFIE for effectiveness, strategy, and creativity in household brands (2003). In the last 9 years, I had specialized in Science Communication, developing and implementing several outreach projects, dissemination strategies and corporate image for several researchers from well-recognized research centers such as Institute of Marine Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, or Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution among others. Roberto also has experience leading the dissemination of international scientific networks such as DrosEU.net and EuroScitizen.eu (COST Action).


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Lucia Martinelli
Lucia Martinelli

Editorial contributor


Lucia Martinelli is a senior researcher working at MUSE – Science museum, Trento (Italy). Her education is Laurea in Biological Sciences at Bologna University (I), PhD at Wageningen Agricultural University (NL), Master of Scientific Journalism and Communication at Ferrara University (I). During a decennial experience as researcher in Italian and foreign public and industrial research institutes, she developed and coordinated research in the field of biotechnology, concerning gene transfer, GMO traceability and risk communication. In the field of genetics, for her pioneering research on gene transfer into grape, she was awarded with first prize 1994 by the ‘Rudolf Hermanns Stieftung’ of Geisenheim (D). Since June 2011, she has been carrying on research in the area of Science within Society and Responsible Research and Innovation at MUSE. The topics also include gender issues. Her most recent challenging experience to improve public engagement in science, based on innovative approaches, was the participation as curator of the main 2018 MUSE exhibit ‘The HUMAN GENOME’. Her activity counts on international multidisciplinary networks and projects. She has experience in text writing and in hosting programs for the radio, both public (RAI) and private nets, and author of science-theater texts. She sings and plays guitar and likes SCUBA-diving.

Mirko Đorđević
Mirko Đorđević

Dissemination Grants

Research Associate at the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Institute for biological research “Siniša Stanković”, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

The focus of his Ph.D. dissertation at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade was coevolution of the two genomes – mitochondrial and nuclear, and their role in ageing of the seed beetles. Mirko was the winner of the FameLab International Final in 2009 in Cheltenham, UK. He was involved in several projects that are focused on the popularization of science and evolutionary biology in Serbia (e.g. "Evolution of Life on Earth: From Cells to Domains", financed by the ESEB Outreach fund in 2018). Currently, he is leading the citizen science project “Obtectus Finders” (http://www.opasuljise.rs/en/).

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