Who is leading this Action? 

The Action is being led by the Steering Committee, consisting of all WG leaders, chaired by  Tania Jenkins  as Chair and Héloise Dufour as Vice Chair. For a full breakdown of who is on the Steering Committee, see here. http://www.euroscitizen.eu/who-are-we-2/

When does this Action end? September 2022.

How many countries are taking part in this Action? 36 for now, see map here,

How do I join the Action?

If you belong to one of the 36 countries that have signed the Memorandum of Understanding, see map here, then you can follow this procedure: http://www.euroscitizen.eu/join-us/

If you do not belong to one of the listed countries, but are in one of the following COST countries, then contact your COST National Coordinator: https://www.cost.eu/who-we-are/members/

How do I find out more about current work done in the Action?

You can read about the work of the deliverables here:


Where can I find the official documents?

You can look at the resources tab

Who is the target audience for this action?

This Action is targeted to researchers in evolutionary biology, science education, science communication, media as well as practitioners in these fields including NGOs, science journalists, science communicators, policy actors.

What are the intended goals of thection?

To research for effective strategies to promote scientific literacy. We explore this through the lens of evolution

How can I attend the Action meetings and training schools?

  1. You first have to be a member of a WG: http://www.euroscitizen.eu/join-us/
  2. You can find open calls on our website or on social media:
  3. You have to apply to join the meetings through the open calls.


How can I get funding through a dissemination grant?

Applicants must be Management Committee (MC) members or MC substitutes.
For further information about the Procedure for COST dissemination meeting grants

This document describes the selection procedure for COST dissemination meeting grants

How can I take part in an STSM?

  1. This grant is here to support your scientific visit(s) related to Actions’ goals. Don’t forget to check our latest calls on our website! 
  2. You should prepare your proposal and find an appropriate Host Institution in line with the call that you are applying for. 
  3. To be able to make an STSM application you need prepare a few things;
    • – Please read ‘Eligibility rules’ stated on the call.
    • Letter of invitation from Host institution
    • Letter of support from Home institution
    • Work plan
    • Budget estimation
    • Login your e-COST profile and submit your application. Here is the instruction for application submission.
  4. Once you submit your application, the STSM committee and Grant Holder will evaluate your applications and you will be notified on the date specified on the call.
  5. Your reimbursement will be considered after you upload your ‘scientific report’ following the 30days of your visit (special occasions are noted on the COST Vademecum). You will get reimbursed when your report is approved by STSM coordinator and Grant Holder.

What are ITC countries and why does it matter?

ITC countries are designated by COST as the less research-intensive countries:  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey.

The goal of COST Actions is to promote opportunities from researchers in these countries.

Which conferences are recommended to attend if seeking ITC conference and/ or dissemination grants? 

Before applying for the ITC grant please read carefully Action goals and targeted audience. Specify the contribution of active participation in the conference to achieving the objectives of the Action. At the time of covid-19, on-line participations are also desirable.

What do COST Actions fund?

COST funds networking activities including meetings, workshops, short term scientific missions. For further information see: https://www.cost.eu/funding/what-do-we-fund/