WGs Porto Meeting

EuroScitizen is an EU funded COST Action, a research network which aims to identify targeted strategies that will raise levels of scientific literacy in Europe using evolution as a model.

Join us at our kick-off meeting if you are an evolutionary biologist, social science researcher, science communicator or educator, artist, filmmaker, journalist or policymaker interested in promoting scientific literacy in evolution across Europe.

During two days EuroScitizen COST Action Working Groups (WGs) will meet in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal to  collaboratively work to:

WG1: Assessment
Measure understanding and acceptance of Evolution across Europe
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WG2: Formal Education
Identify the needs of educational systems and opportunities to improve the teaching of evolution
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WG3: Informal education
Identify and evaluate current practices of evolution education outside schools
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WG4: Media
Identify and improve communication channels between researchers and science journalists to increase scientific literacy in the society
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WG5: Scientists
Enhance researchers in science outreach and its public impact
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The meetings will be followed by an MC meeting on the 13th of February for MC members only.

Apply to join the meeting here!

Reimbursement for travel and accommodation will be given to selected COST Action participants.

Applications close on the  30th of November. Results will be communicated by the 15th December.

If you are a member of multiple working groups, you will have to select one meeting to attend. Don’t worry, there will be time in the programme to exchange with other WGs.

To find out more about the meeting program here!

If you are not yet a member of the Action, then read here about the new COST Action and find out more on how to join the Action here!