Action Dissemination Process and Overview of Virtual Networking Tools 

In COST Action CA17127, we disseminate news and announcements via the following channels:

All communication has to be pre-approved by the Steering Committee. Please send your proposed communication item to the Steering Committee or your respective WG leader. 

More information and guidelines for dissemination output can be found here: 

In our COST Action CA17127, we support the following virtual Networking Tools:

  • Zoom Account (account details will be provided by the respective WG leader as and when needed)
  • Online cloud-based collaborative space (please contact respective WG leader)

A list of potential Moderators and (Hybrid) Local Organisers can be found here:

Extensive guidelines for setting up zoom events, hybrid events, and for Meeting Organisers, Moderators, and GH Manager can be found here: