Disseminating outputs, results and activities

1- Please use the template that was provided to EuroScitizen documents – the template is here; For other graphic resources for dissemination please go here.

2- Before publishing the document in the zenodo channels or made these public please share it with Roberto for the branding aspects of the document to be checked.

3- Inform the dissemination team before you publish something in the zenodo channel so that a dissemination campaign is prepared.

4- EuroScitizen should be the one doing the first tweets, facebook posts.

5 – For papers that are published in academic journals please communicate this to EuroScitizen dissemination team in advance for it to prepare a dissemination campaign.

6- In both cases, when you tweet or post your work in your personal or professional accounts please tag EuroScitizen and EvoKE accounts.

7- Please make sure you all retweet EuroScitizen and EvoKE tweets/facebook posts. See the twitter recommendations in the document here.