It is now time to apply for our next EuroScitizen WG3 meeting!

18th December 2019

EuroScitizen WG3 Informal Education Belgrade Workshop Call

This meeting will take place in Belgrade, February 25-26 2020, and will be hosted at the Centre for the promotion of science, Science Club Belgrade.

The goal of the workshop is to train, in priority, WG3 members (and possibly a member from WG2 and WG5) in recognizing best practices in effective, correct and understandable presentations of evolution topics in informal education settings. The working plan is to showcase examples of best practices and work with experts on the design of the analysis. 

You can apply here. The deadline for applications is December 31. Selection and decisions on the applications will be done and sent out by January 10.

Please note:  we can only reimburse up to 7 participants

The criteria that will be used to evaluate applications and select participants to reimburse will be:

  • 0.3 Past level of involvement of the participant in the WG task
  • 0.3 Future level of involvement of the participant in the task.
  • 0.2 Type of profile/expertise in relation to the needs for this task to be completed.
  • 0.2 gender balance, country, career stage of participants of distinct institutions

Best wishes,

Tanja Adnađević