Save the date for EuroScitizen COST Action WG2, 3 and 5 meetings in Pruhonice, Czech Republic, June 2nd-3rd-4th 2020

7th February 2020

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

Our next EuroScitizen COST Action WG2, 3, 5 and MC meetings will take place in Průhonice, June 2 to 4, 2020. WGs meetings will start on the morning of Tuesday, June 2, and will end in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 3. The WGs meetings will be hosted at the Institute of Botany Czech Academy of Sciences. Note that an MC meeting will be held on Thursday morning, June 4, and will be hosted at the Hotel Floret. Management Committee members will receive a specific email for this registration.

Are you interested in analyzing examples of science exhibition and other activities to identify best practices in evolution-themed outreach, finding the best practices to link the scientific and educational communities with media and ensuring researchers’ efficient engagement in outreach? If the answer is yes, this meeting is for you!


Here are the themes that will be worked on during those two days:


  1. Evaluation of teachers’ skills to teach evolution across europe;
  2. Evaluation of elementary school students’ evolution understanding;
  3. Analysis on how text books in distinct countries address evolution.


develop and validate an assessment for diverse informal activities dealing with the subject of evolution and contribute to the list of potential collaborators to implement this assessment to their activities 

WG5: Ensuring researchers’ efficient engagement in outreach and in evolution in particular. Specifically, there will be groups working on:

1a: a literature review on researcher’s engagement in outreach in evolutionary biology

1b: ensuring the successful launching of a European survey on researcher’s engagement across Europe in each country

2: establishing the format of the self assessment tool for outreach activities, defining the test public and preparing the distribution plan for the testing

3: advancing the outreach material repository in evolutionary biology

4: creating an european label/certificate to promote outreach in careers of scientists.


You will be in charge of booking your own accommodation for the meeting. The WGs meeting will take place at the Institute of Botany Czech Academy of Sciences. The flat rate for accommodation is set up at 70 EUR. This reflects prices available at several hotels in Průhonice, including Hotel Floret, Hotel Parkhotel, and Hotel Tulipan. We blocked rooms in Hotel Floret (until May 15, 2020) and Hotel Tulipan (until May 20, 2020). Room price in both facilities are 60 EUR per night. If you would like to stay at these hotels, please contact hotels directly (mentioning EuroScitizen COST for Hotel Floret, and for Hotel Tulipan) since they guarantee the availability of rooms until May 15 (Hotel Floret) and May 20 (Hotel Tulipan). However, if you want to be certain to be considered for reimbursement, we remind you that you need to fill in the application form by February 29th and wait for the decision by the end of March.