Dissemination guidelines


To be able to feed the sites with “fresh news”, we need the help of the Action participants.

In particular, among the interesting information worth to disseminate, the outcomes of WG meetings as well as of distinctive activities are particularly relevant. Therefore, the Dissemination Team invites the WG leaders/the organizers of activities to provide short texts and pictures, after each meeting and/or activity realized within the WGs.

These contributes, which need to be published within a reasonable short period after the event, are not intended to be in-depth full reports: rather are meant as updates focusing on the most interesting points you consider relevant to spread to further motivate our members and caught non members attention. These texts would also enable the Dissemination Team to prepare the news.

To prepare the text, please, follow the guide-lines below:

-title: with around 200 characters space included, provide information about (i) WG title; (ii) meeting place or event and date/s.

-text: in a maximum length of 2500 characters spaces included, describe (i) goals/s; (ii) numbers of participants/persons involved; (iii) main outcomes; (iv) perspectives; (v) any information considered relevant to spread.

NOTE: in the case of meetings with more than one participating WG, an individual short paper for each WG is required, and eventual joint sessions could be described.

-English: editing revision of the text is not provided, thus the use of a correct English is under your responsibility.

-pictures: provide a maximum of 3 pictures, each with a legend of maximum of 300 characters spaces included.

-formats, deadline and contacts: the text file (in word format) and the picture files (.jpeg, high definition) should be sent within 10 days after the meeting/event to lucia.martinelli@muse.it and in Cc rtorres@fruitfly.com.